Illustrations by Brandon Keehner

the-natureworld said: bring back the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m trying. I really am. Real science is busy as of the moment. 

Obligate Symbiosis

What if you could grow plants on your body for energy? 

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lithiumlollipop-deactivated2013 said: What causes muscle knots? What is the biological cause? not just "stress"

Knots are actually abnormal connective tissue growth that artificially binds together two tissues that should be separate.  Adhesion’s are usually formed because of repetitive strain or trauma and help protect the body from further damage.

Anonymous said: You should post something about photosynthesis and cellular respiration


Anonymous said: Can you suggest some biology based documentaries?

There are lot on Discovery Channel. 

C4 photosynthesis

C4 photosynthesis